Work with Us

Maarteng Letra has been around for quite a while now. We have organized successful events that allowed us to share our passion, skills and talents to fellow enthusiasts and aspirants.

Now, we want to share the passion to you in the hope of collaborating with us.

Why work with us?

  • We can design your logos, banners and create infographics for your respective companies and websites.
  • Our designs are made through illustrations, doodles, digital sketches and painting and even through calligraphy.
  • We believe that communication is key to having good relations with the clients. Hence, we see to it that we send updates and queries as needed.
  • The team consists of skilled artists, experienced graphic and industrial designers (respectively) and calligraphers that are almost awake 24/7.

Where to see our works?

We are open for:

  • Collaborations
  • Advertisements (on the website and social accounts)
  • Promotional Deals (with materials and/or articles)
  • Paid reviews
  • Sponsored posts that discuss the following:
    •  Art
    • Calligraphy
    • Design
    • Materials
    • Being eco-friendly while pursuing art
  • Event invites
  • Workshops
  • Private classes

How to reach us?