Why Should a Creative Take a Break Too?

June 10, 2019
take a break

When creatives experience different things throughout their journey. Sometimes, they take a break. Pause for a little while to rethink about how will the move forward or what’s their next move. How could you possibly benefit from it?

Why is a hiatus good for you?

People who value their health in all aspects, pause along the way to catch their breaths. A break gives people enough time to think, plan, and formulate a plan on what happens next. It gives every individual a chance to reflect on the past works or even previous methods you used in coming up with a certain artwork or sculpture. Also, it gives you time to step back from the toxicity of different things. From the fake news or plagiarism news you see at social media to the different negative things that social media brings. At some point, it just drains you. That’s why deleting your social media apps on your phone feels good. It relieves you from the urge of updating yourself always. While instead, you should me caring for yourself more.

But how do some proceed on taking a break or even going on a hiatus?

How to effectively take a break?

We know that we post creative prompts to give you ideas on how to continue creating despite the various things going on. But now, we share some tips on how could you take a break despite the booming era of social media and going digital.

Delete your social media apps on your gadgets

Basically, we consider this as a first step to taking a break. Phones and various gadgets potentially give people like us a major distraction. This derails us from doing our work, creating and sketching, and other productive things. Even Abbey Sy deleted Instagram (app) on her phone and it allowed her to be more productive. This way, you get in touch with the world and not the just the photos and people within the app. Sometimes, it takes a toll on you as you feel the need to always respond to those who message or interact with you on your social accounts.

With all the kinds of social media accounts anyone make, they feel that it brings them closer to the people they admire. Indeed, that’s true. It’s easy to reply to their posts, stories, or even like their posts. When they interact with you, it gives you an exciting feeling. You’re a step closer to your idols or people you simply admire. However, the people we admire feel differently at times. Some would feel that they need to post every single time they travel or go wherever. That results to a disturbance in their own health. We all want them to be healthy. Doing a detox helps both of you. Not only for the artists to keep their sanity but you also stay on track with the things you do.

Journal or record the activities you do as much as you can

Journaling or writing down on a diary feels quite quaint for some. However, when you go on a detox, it feels good to grab a pen and just write down your experiences. Think about how the day transpired and just relax, unwind, talk to yourself. Talking to yourself is fine, okay? No judgement there.

Other times, when you take out your journal, you feel more connected to the world and less digital. In this age that almost anything can be bought online or done online, doing things traditionally feels different. However, the difference either inspires us or just lets us get stuck in a rut. Just remember, even though you feel like everything’s weighing down you, there are people who’s always there to support you.

Gives you time to catch up with your friends

When you go offline, it gives you the chance to catch up with your friends wherever they may be. You go to the movies, or sleepover and just bond with your friends. Some don’t realize it yet, but when you go with your friends you relieve yourself from the 7 deadly modern sins.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go out with your friends or talk a stroll by yourself whichever is more comfortable for you.

In some cases where people work with social media a lot, going on a break seem impossible. To get over that, try taking a long walk or even meditate and just breathe. Inhale, exhale.

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