Get Creative with These Prompts

December 25, 2018

Get Creative with These Prompts

There are times that we feel stuck at some point or experiencing a creative block. People do various things in order to jumpstart and move away from that block. But, how do people get over it? Some do it through creative prompts!

Survive that Creative Block with these Prompts

Keeping track with your creative side may be tough as blocks are always there just lurking in the corner. As creatives, there are so many struggles that we try to overcome. Yet sometimes, we just don’t know where to start or how to deal with it. So now, defeat the block with these creative prompts!

We browse at websites with very artistic content that contains very appealing posts. Looking at those, we instantly wish that the creativity continuously flows and never left us.

Now, here are some prompts that ignite you back to creating.


Remember the time that you were young, dumb, and broke? Just kidding!

Now, go back to the day when you were eating your favorite brand of chocolate. Do you think about how it felt when you took the first bite? The luscious taste that runs down through your mouth and throat. Feel the taste and savor the moment.

Once you set the mood with chocolate, try illustrating or writing about it. Soon after, you’ll be defeating your block with this prompt!

For some, chocolate brings out the best in them through its taste.


Chatime? Serenitea? Coco? Yadao? Happy Lemon? Gong Cha?

Name it and every tea place will pop out near your area! These tea shops pop up in the area just like mushrooms in the forests. Now, you buy your favorite tea whenever you feel sad or lonely.

For this prompt, we want you to feel the excitement whenever you go to your favorite tea shop. Taste the aroma of the place or the stand. Immerse in the nice vibes of the place and the people you’re with. To some, if you went out with yourself, remember when was the last time you did this.

Going alone does not mean you’re weak. It means you’re strong and independent. You conquer any obstruction presented to you.


What is your favorite fruit? Is it the luscious mango or the apple that could bring you to sleep just like Snow White?

When you were younger, did you pick fruits from trees in your backyard? Did you join your parents or relatives when they went to the wet market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables?

With this prompt, begin drawing caricatures or cartoon versions of the fruits. If it pleases you, feel free to include your favorite vegetables.

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Defeat the blocks that hinder you from creating! Take a look at these creative prompts and get back on track!

Tag us with your artworks if you got ignited by this set of prompts!

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  • Reply nicolepaler October 8, 2018 at 9:39 am

    never thought that simple things can also be a writing prompt. but yeah, I have some choice words for tea. specifically, milk tea. how it is so good, how you can get addicted by it, how you can learn discipline and control for yourself with just consuming milk tea. or trying to control how much have already drank for the week. I think I’ll write that now. 😀

  • Reply Maria Teresa Dumadag October 23, 2018 at 8:53 pm

    I love all these that you listed! hahaha I like fruit smoothies for a healthier option. But every now and then, having chocolates help improve my mood. 😉 My favorite tea is chamomile and English tea and always with milk.

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