Featured Artist of the Month XXIV

August 6, 2018

Featured Artist of the Month: Karl Vasquez

We missed last month’s featured artist. Now, we’re introducing another artist who hails from Albay just most of us. Here’s Karl Vasquez!

Featured Artist of the Month: Karl Vasquez

This month’s featured artist creates amazing vexel art and works as a freelance creative. Also, he met most of the members of the team during the Krokis event at Ayala South Mall. There, we exchanged social handles and befriended each other.

Christian and Karl are acquainted long before. They shared the same creative path and uses almost the same tools. Both of them are equipped with digital talents.

He shared his stickers and prints and sold it there. In turn, we find his love for his craft very inspiring.

Now, we decided to share his journey with you.

About Karl


Karl Vasquez

What made you start with this craft?

The passion into arts started since I was little. But the curiosity for vexel art ignited when I came across a Tumblr post of a digital artist.

How long have you been doing this craft?

Five (5) years

Why did you pursue it?

It brings me joy.

A post shared by Karl Vasquez (@karlvasquez) on

A post shared by Karl Vasquez (@karlvasquez) on

 More About Karl

Did you have struggles in pursuing the craft?

During my early days when I first started this craft, Facebook groups are not a thing. There were no peers to ask for some tip on how will I improve or someone who could critic my work.

Good thing, Google and Youtube are already existing by that time.

Favorite quote?

Curiosity ignites the power to create and tickle your sense of hunger to learn.

What keeps you on doing the craft?

I’m still not good enough. Therefore, I keep on practicing.

Top 3 favorite tools?

  • My unit (laptop, pentab/mouse, photoshop)
  • Spotify/Youtube (this help me boost my creativity)
  • Coffee

If you are to share your tips and tricks to newbies, what would those be?

Always put your heart into your craft. Practice — you can’t master a skill overnight.

If you were to describe the craft in three words, what will those be?

Let colors glow

A post shared by Karl Vasquez (@karlvasquez) on

A post shared by Karl Vasquez (@karlvasquez) on

 Reach Him:

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fam: Karl Vasquez

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  • Reply Lev Leetian August 9, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    Those are some lovely illustrations! Is he open for commissions? I love how his style reminds me of Filipino classics with the way he does shading. Was he there last komiket? I would have loved to check out his work in person. Looking forward to more artist features!

  • Reply Indrani August 10, 2018 at 11:56 pm

    Another great artiste! He is right initially without FB groups sharing posts was difficult.
    Coffee is indeed a tool 🙂 I can relate to that so well. Loved the art works.

  • Reply Johna August 11, 2018 at 4:43 pm

    Spotiffyyyyy. Can’t imagine not having it on my phone. Haha! Karl’s work is amazingggg 🙂 I love the art piece of the mini turtles hehe. The quote he share is also very inspiring!

  • Reply Teresa Dumadag August 12, 2018 at 7:05 pm

    I agree with him that we always need to put our heart into our craft. It makes a lot of difference when we do this. The audience for our art will feel or sense this. They can tell if someone is passionate over his craft or just doing it for the money.

  • Reply Clarice August 13, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    Wow! This is really neat. I have always admired people engaged in vexel art since it is one of the most challenging ones for me. Just checked his social media pages and enjoyed looking at his work.

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