How is Work for a Creative in a Corporate Setting?

April 25, 2011
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When a creative person goes to work, people around them wonder how things are for them. Some think that the environment feels the same just as going to work in the corporate world. They think that they will still feel energetic to do their art after their day job. A lot of people out there live a double life. By day, they work in an office and at night, they create. But, how is work for a creative in a corporate setting?

Meeting a Creative in a Corporate Setting

Hi! I’m a creative in a corporate setting and honestly as a young adulting millennial, most days, I’m just tired. Tired of figuring out myself, tired of trying new things only to have it blow on my face, tired of love songs, and sometimes just tired of trying to figure out where I really fit in. 

The corporate setting is a challenging universe of intricacies, for some reason, I find myself deep in the middle of it all at the moment. My creative side is challenged but in some way, hindered at the same time. I’m taking the time to figure myself out and finding my place in this chaotic world and right now this is where I’m at. There are things to love, and challenges to take on. It’s hard, it’s scary, it’s not always fulfilling but I need to push through. Why? Because aside from the fact that we are trying to look for the right jobs, we need the money to pay for the things on our online carts!

2 Things I Love About Work In a Corporate Setting:

Routines are helpful antidotes to depression and anxiety

Having my everyday schedule plot out doesn’t bore me, to be honest, it calms me. Knowing what to expect gives me a sense of peace knowing that I won’t be taken by surprise. Although surprises and disruption to plans are unavoidable, it is easier for me to bounce back knowing that I have a routine to fall back into. I’m not most creatives who can randomly go through their day in their creative chaotic kind of way, I like knowing what comes next. 

Meeting new people is a joy

Saying hello to a new person always brings new inspirations and ideas. Just by what they are wearing gives you so much perspective on how everyone is so unique and expressive in their own ways. Truly, we can never run out of inspiration to create if we just look into the soul of others and really get to know them.

2 Challenges that I find for a creative in a corporate setting

Not doing what you’re really passionate about is draining.

The long hours of the day can rob you of your creative juices. Being physically tired hinders you from doing anything creative after you get home. Traffic, long lines, and overtime work damage the creative soul.

It offers no real flexibility to your personality

Conformity to the standard is the way to survive the corporate setting. Dress like them, think like them, walk like them and you will easily blend in.

A lot of people in the corporate setting are stuck in the notions of the old that find it hard for creatives to fit in. Their ideas are considered borderline rebellion even if the sole purpose is to speed up the process.

So will I stay?

Honestly, at this point in my life, I am just a big ball of confusion, adulting, anxiety, and surges of creativity. I don’t know whether I will stay or go, because I need to take into consideration my online shopping addiction. In all seriousness though, I’m still figuring things out. That’s just what life looks like for now I guess, and that’s okay. Things will work out together in the end.

Creative in a corporate setting that needs to stop shopping online

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