Beat the Hiatus with these Creative Prompts

March 6, 2019

When you encounter a creative block, it hinders you from being the best version of yourself. Let alone, create your best artworks. Going on a hiatus recharges every creative person from every obstacle they feel right now.

How to beat your hiatus?

With these creative prompts, we aim to help you to overcome that creative block. Try drawing, illustrating, or even scribbling these in order to ignite your creative self back.


Tell me more about your favorite chocolate

This presents itself as a yummy treat to everyone. Frankly speaking, people give chocolates as a gift or expression of their affection. Some people think of chocolates as brain food and most of the time, it’s true. Whenever you eat it, it blows your mind away.

Drawing your favorite kind of chocolate brings your creativity back in some level. It gives you happy hormones that motivate you to be better.

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Favorite tea

How do you like your tea?

Most people like their tea with milk caps or even just plain brewed tea. Here in Manila, a lot of tea shops continuously open to cater the market. Some flock those shops and end up falling in line for two (2) or more hours just to place their order. Wait another two (2) or more hours to claim their orders.

Now, with this prompt, you begin to reminisce how it tastes and how it looks. Include your favorite sinkers and just be merry about it.


Share your favorite fruit either from your province or your country. In the Philippines, a lot of fruits exist from the different regions. Each fruit represents the place they originated and some even host festivals in relation to that.

Remember your favorite back when you were younger and try to illustrate it. Include a short story about why it became your favorite fruit. Don’t forget to encourage your friends to do the same thing too!

Remember, art continuously forms a community of like-minded beings. It continues to form a supportive community especially to young and aspiring minds. Never discourage your friends.

Hope you get back on track and continue creating once more!

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