Meet the People Behind Maarteng Letra

People are always enthusiastic about art in its different forms. We may see it as music, painting, sculpture or even in dance. But some play with the craft and make something more special in the end. Learn who the people behind Maarteng Letra are!

Maarteng Letra

Maarteng Letra is composed of creative people striving to leave a legacy in this world. They are very much enthusiastic about art, lettering, calligraphy, design, illustration and everything in between. They come from different fields. Some have day jobs yet some pursue what they really love.

Behind the name

Maarteng Letra is from two Filipino words maarte and letra. Maarte means one who loves to decorate or into anything cute and sweet. It may also mean someone who is picky. But in this sense, we chopped maarte into ma-art-e.

Our own definition of maarte is: we are people of art.

Letra means letter, literally. So incorporating art and letters, Maarteng Letra was formed.

It aims to connect with fellow enthusiasts and dreamers, share thoughts and experiences with one another and lastly, to dream together and achieve your goals with relations to art.

Who are we?

  • Christian Binamira (Graphic Designer / Digital Painter)

He works as a professor at a university in Legazpi. He’s currently taking his masters and still sketches and illustrates in between. He also does graphic design and he has been practicing the craft for almost six (6) years now.

If asked why he pursued the craft:

It’s the satisfaction I get when finishing a piece that makes me feel better. That makes me feel my existence.

  • Sam Manalo (Industrial Designer / Artist )

Now, Sam is an Industrial Designer by profession and an artist by heart. He illustrates and sketches depending on his mood. Little as you know, coffee is one of the biggest factors in inducing his creative juice! He’s a leftie too, just like Kristine.

Why pursue art?

It helps me relax and show my mood and emotion.

She is a graduate of Human Resource Management. Even with the freelance work, she practices brush calligraphy, and aspires to be a watercolorist as well. Even if she’s a leftie, she didn’t mind the struggles that surfaces.

Why calligraphy?

It soothes and calms me down. It also allows me to be free and to let the letters talk in a unique way.

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  • Adam Redoblado (Graphic Designer / Doodler / Master Gamer)

He worked in a private company in Manila. Now, he sketches, illustrates and does gothic calligraphy in between. He has been practicing for almost seven (7) years.

His past time is playing card and board games.

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Together, we have accomplished milestones that helped us carve our way in the art industry.


We have successfully organized events like:
  • 2016’s The Pen Meet
  • 2017’s The Pen Meet v 2.0
Not only that but we were able to work with brands like:
Of course, we owe it to the artists who have taught us their ways and we are very grateful to have worked with them as well.
  • Jeth Torres
  • Geli Balcruz
  • Ella Lama
  • Noni Devora
  • Gjenisa Raquedan
  • Christian Cruz
  • Andrea Perez
  • Danah Bajaladia
  • Yen Olay
  • Iz Lacson (✝︎)