10 Gift Ideas For Creatives

July 3, 2020

We love giving gifts to our loved ones because if it makes them happy, we’re happy too. But, before we get to that ‘everybody happy’ part in the gift-giving scene, there’s always that nerve and mind-wracking stage of gift-hunting. You’re lucky because we’re giving 10 gift ideas for creatives to help you out!

Why Gifting Creatives is Tough 

It’s already difficult to look for a gift for the average or should we say, non-creative person because people are picky in general. More so shall the bar of standards rise when you need to find a gift for the creative person. And for sure that’s the reason why you’re here right now looking for ideas. 

So what is it with these creative people anyway? What makes them the ‘boss’ level character that’s really hard to defeat if gift giving was a videogame? It’s their hard-to-impress artistic personas. 

Creative people are more likely to enjoy things that aren’t mainstream or conventionally used/done.

For example, if you give them a plain notebook, Sure they’ll say their thanks, but on the inside, they’re dying to do something with it to make it more unmundane (trust me, because I’m a Creative person myself).

They love going out of the box, they love to express themselves and their creative passions, and that’s why to impress them, you have to give them something that caters to that. 

Sounds hard huh? Well, don’t you worry because we’ve got 10 Gift Ideas for Creatives that’s going to save you from all the hustle and bustle of searching through shops and malls.

10 Gift Ideas for Creatives

Art Materials

Creative people have different ways to express their creative selves. Some like to paint, draw, make graffiti or murals etc. And it’s not all-free. They need money for the materials and tools. This includes paint, brushes, canvas, and the like. 

If you know what your creative friend’s expressive hobby is. Use that to your advantage!

  • The painter? Buy him paint.
  • The sketcher? Get him some nice charcoal pencils.

It’s really a thoughtful way of saying, “hey i know you too well and this gift is proof!’. That will surely make their hearts feel touched.

Art Museum Tickets/Dates

Remember that happy feeling younger you felt whenever you visited the toy store?

That’s exactly how creatives feel about art museums too. Art museums spark joy for creatives because they are surrounded by different artworks. Moreover, they take inspiration from what they see and feel around them.  We’re definitely sure that this gift idea for creatives will be a sureball to make them happy!

Movie Date

Movie dates entertain your creative loved one because every bit of movies has art in it. For those into filmmaking; scripts, sfx, soundtracks, video editing, etc., a movie date is the perfect gift idea for creatives!

However, make sure to choose a movie that will not bore them! Better yet, let them pick the movie of their choice. After all, you’re treating them out, right?

Unique Restaurant Date

I bet you’ve noticed it already, how your creative friends don’t like mainstream things. Well, speaking as a creative person myself,  the chance to do things differently makes people like us happy because it challenges our brain to accept new concepts that stir away from traditional ones. It gives us a feeling of going out of the box and encouraging us to explore new things –which is the very essence of creativity. 

Restaurants nowadays take it up a notch by making their places unconventional. This is a treat for creative persons who always like doing things differently.

And so, a really great gift for your creative person is to take them out on a unique restaurant date! Not only will your creative person eat good food, he or she will feel like a kid in an amusement park discovering amazing things for the first time. 

Take your creative person out on aesthetic, fun, and weird restaurants just and they’re sure to dine with a smile.

 Check this link out for ideas 18 Super Unique Themed Restaurants in the Metro

Sponsor their software/app fees/membership

Just like art materials, some creative people who do digital art also need to  spend a great amount on softwares and applications. Sadly, there are many creative people who use cracked versions in order to use them for free. We can’t blame them since tools cost a lot nowadays!

 A great gift idea is to shoulder these expenses for them (if they haven’t yet). Your creative person might get a tear of joy from it.

Anti-Radiation Glasses

 A downside for creative people who do digital art is having to stare into their computer or tablet screens for hours when they create art. A very meaningful gift that screams “I support your art making and also care for your eyes” is anti-radiation glasses to aid them while they work. 

I personally recommend treating your creative person to a pair of anti-rad glasses at Sunnies Specs. They have all sorts of styles to choose from and the price? Affordable and worth it! 

A DIY Gift

Nothing better than giving creative people the freedom to do things their way. Gift them something customizable and they’ll have a blast pouring all their artistry into it. In my own experience, I have a creative brother who loves buying plain Gundam toys so he can design it to his liking. 

Creative people find it a treat to have the chance to personalise things with their aesthetic touch because it’s  an outlet for them to showcase their talent. So, if you give them a Do-It-Yourself gift, you’re encouraging them to use their talent and skills. Better yet, you’re somehow telling them “I know you can do something amazing with this [DIY Gift] because I am aware of your creativity”. It’ll definitely give them butterflies in the stomach!

A Many-Ways-Something

Versatility is a trait of a creative person. So, if you give them something that’s also versatile like them, it’s a match made in heaven! Creative people love having the opportunity to change things up.

Here are some many-ways gift items you could try (they are available on Shopee):

Gift of support: Buy their artwork!

Probably one of the best gifts you could give a creative person is support and recognition for their works by buying from them (because they’ve worked blood, sweat, and tears for it!). It’s actually a win-win situation for the both of you; you get to keep a great art piece for yourself and your friend earns from you! 

When all else fails: A Gift Check

If you still can’t figure out what gift best matches your creative person, it’s time to use the trump card -A gift check!! Artists, as they say, love to do things freely and on their own. Giving them gift checks will surely be a treat because they’ll get to use it however they want. 

There are many shops that you can get gift checks from that cater to the creative person. I personally recommend National Book Store or Fully Booked that’s filled with art materials and skill books.

Gift-giving for creative people may be hard, but once you see the smiles from giving them the perfect present, it’ll surely make your heart warm up! Go and get them something from our list, if you still can’t find ‘the one’, we’re hoping you will soon! Good luck!

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